Cash Insurance Scheme Launched
Date: 24/04/2012 -   Category: Project leasing

Summit has launched a regulated insurance product that provides insurance for cash contained in a retailers smart safe.

Summit Launches It's First Public Fund
Date: 30/05/2011 -   Category: Project leasing

Summit, in partnership with it's long standing business partner SQN Capital, has launched it's first SEC regulated public fund.

SQN Public Fund to be Launched Imminently
Date: 23/03/2011 -   Category: Project leasing

The SEC had granted regulatory approval for SQN and Summit to launch a public fund, which will be open to investors in the near future.

Summit continues to expanded its US business.
Date: 19/10/2010 -   Category: Project leasing

Summit has identified an opportunity to expand into a new market, funding a series of operating leases in the United States.

Nordic Coverage added by Summit
Date: 14/05/2010 -   Category: Project leasing

Summit Asset Management has addeded to it's portfolio the ability to support transactions in parts of Scandanavia.

Second Investment Fund Launched
Date: 24/04/2009 -   Category: Project leasing

Summit has launched it's second 2009 investment fund to provide additional debt and equity investment capacity for the UK and North American markets.